The KwikFit System provides a level of craftsmanship, speed and precision never before available for tile products.


Everything we make is hand built to the homeowners exact specifications and our materials are always real Ceramic Tile, Stone, Porcelain & Glass. 


The perils of traditional tile installations have been eliminated.

Precision designed to allow for an error free and fast installation every time. Eliminates "hot mop" process

Stock Pan Sizes:

30" x 60"    32" x 60"    34" x 60    36" x 60"  

36" x 36"    48" x 60"


Custom Options Available:

Any Size, Threshold Height, Drain Location.

KwikBoard not only serves as a backing, it is an integral part of the system. 

100% Waterproof.  Zero capillary value.

Our proprietary Kwikboard bonds with our adhesive to create pull strength tolerances exceeding ANSI minimum by 400%

_DMA2794_0002_Background low res.jpg

The KwikTrack is patented and has been carefully designed to allow for perfect alignment and error free installation.

Our proprietary KwikSleeve accurately sets the system to plumb and connects all the parts together and our unique corner flanges provide additional assurance against any water intrusion in the corners.


To complete the system our partnership with Mapei provides a professional epoxy grade grout.  

Your assurance is guaranteed.

With the coveted ICC Listing our Showers are nationally approved and require no local inspections. 

Every KwikFit Shower is backed by our 10 year comprehensive warranty.